Things to Keep in Mind When Using Menthol Based Products

Biofreeze is an APMA approved product, and this guarantees both its safety and efficacy as long as you use responsibly and sensibly. It is among the most widely prescribed products for the at-home treatment of muscle strains, injuries and arthritis. Doctors sometimes prescribe it as part of a more complicated regiment, and sometimes they prescribe it on its own.

The active ingredient in Biofreeze, the topical analgesic, is menthol. Menthol is the naturally occurring compound that makes peppermint smell like peppermint. By no stretch of imagination is it a dangerous chemical, but you should keep in mind a few simple precautions when applying menthol-based products.

Most importantly, as any health news source will confirm, do not eat menthol-based products. It can cause severe damage to many of your body's systems. If you do accidentally ingest Biofreeze, please consult a medical professional as quickly as possible. In such an event, time will be of the essence, so do not delay under any circumstances.

The majority of menthol-based products are designed exclusively for topical application. If possible, you will want to avoid getting these types of products in your nose, eyes, or other areas of your body that have mucous membranes (in other words, they get wet). Also, if you have any open wounds, cuts, bedsores, ulcers, etc., avoid applying the product to those areas as well.

Due to the way in which menthol interacts with your body's natural capacities to sense temperature, do not use menthol-based products with other forms of pain treatment involving temperature such as heat pads, ice packs, etc.

If possible, store menthol-based products at room temperature and do not expose them to any amount of unnecessary heat, moisture or light. Furthermore, keep an eye on the expiration date.

Irritations and allergies to menthol are relatively rare. When they do occur, they almost never do so with any degree of severity. If you do happen to experience any degree of swelling itchiness, or discoloration of the skin, you will want to immediately consult a physician.

Although Biofreeze is extremely safe in comparison to other comparable medications, this does not constitute a license to apply it indiscriminately. One of the signs of over-application will appear in the form of a rash. If a rash does occur, you may attempt to treat it with a mixture of hot water and baking power. If the rash does not dissipate within the span of fifteen minutes to a half hour, you should consult a physician.