The Type of Airsoft Guns You Should Buy

The Type of Airsoft Guns You Should Buy

Airsoft guns are part of a great sport for those of us who don’t like (or can’t afford) paintball markers. These guns are basically toys for older children and adults who want that the thrill of battle simulation and team competition. People have a lot of fun with Airsoft, and frequently stage historical reenactments and engage in legitimate military strategies.

At this point so early in the game, you’re probably wondering which Airsoft guns are appropriate for you. Believe it or not there are numerous toy weapons to choose from. Airsoft weapons can come in different sizes or have entirely different methods of operation.

There are cheap and simple spring-operated guns, most of which run for under $40. These guns may be designed in the classic revolver shape or in a pistol design with a magazine clip. There are also realistic Airsoft rifles and shotguns, which are pricier, and sometimes come in at under $100. These guns come in a variety of shapes such as a double barrel shotgun, an assault rifle and a bolt action sniper rifle.

The next stage up is that of gas-powered guns. Like paintball markers, these guns are operated on carbon dioxide or green gas. These weapons have more power and also have stronger blow-back operation and semi-automatic function. They come in a variety of shapes and styles, including hand cannons, pistols, revolvers and even metal. The top of the line choice in Airsoft guns would have to be the electric plastic BB gun. These guns operate via rechargeable battery and an electronic motor. These have the highest capacity for storage as well as the highest velocity.

If your group is playing a friendly game and is new to the sport then you might want to start out with plastic spring action. If however, competition gets intense it may be time to bring aboard the “big guns”…that is, CO2 guns or electric guns. Why stop there? There are all sorts of evil plastic BB devices you can use, such as Airsoft grenade launchers and even an Airsoft machine gun. However, don’t buy the bazooka model thinking you’re going to shoot a giant three foot plastic pellet!

This sport is a lot of fun and can help people get out some of their aggression without literally joining the U.S. military. It is harmless fun so as long as precautions are taken. Your group should appoint a game moderator just in case there are controversial calls or younger players to oversee. Load up your weapons, boys. Don’t you just love the smell of plastic in the morning?