The Key Factors Surrounding a Massage Table for Your Practice

Deciding on a massage table for your spa practice will be an important decision. Whether you are focusing on massage therapy specifically or offering it along with other services, the massage table in your spa or freelance business will say a lot to your clientele. How can you make sure you’ve gotten the right table? Here are the key factors surrounding this decision.

• What is the foam like? Whether you go for foam of high or low density depends on your taste and client preferences, but you should know what each choice brings to the table. High-density foam on your table gives a lot of support and might not be as comfortable as other foam types. However, it will keep its shape longer and therefore it is a more economical choice. To compromise on both angles, massage therapists can place a low-density pad on top of the high-density foam table.

• The headrest and face cushion factor: Advances in mattress comfort have led to advances in massage table technology, specifically in the headrest and face cushion department. Are you going to opt for headrests with innovative pressure points or go with a standard option? Adjustable headrests give you the most flexibility.

• Portability: If you need to move your table between rooms or carry it out to your car, into a client’s location and back into your house, you have to be clear about the weight of your table. Some tables weigh more than 35 lbs., before you factor in all the accessories, pads and your lotions. Therapists will find this type of table difficult to handle if a lot of your work is on the go. Figure out how much weight you can handle before buying.

• Table dimensions: The length, width and table height will influence how you or your therapist works on the table. You don’t want to make taller and wider clients feel cramped, but then again your smaller clients could feel less comfortable on a larger table. It is a good case for having two tables if your clientele varies a great deal in size and weight. As far as table height, this factor should be adjusted based on the size of the therapist.

Check the latest medical resource guides to find out the developments in the field of massage. If you have the right table to work with, your massage clients will consistently be happy.