The Job Of A Coin Dealer

Whenever someone starts a coin collection they will also be in search of somewhere to sell and learn about their coins.  One of the best people to help you with these things is a coin dealer.  They are also interested in coins but they don’t collect them. 

What A Coin Dealer Does

A coin dealer actively seeks out diverse types of coins.  They make sure that these coins are of high quality by taking a good look at the coin’s grading before they choose to purchase them.  Coin dealers also bargain for coins at current market prices (the price of the coin whenever they conduct their inspection).

Once a coin dealer finds a coin that they feel will be both valuable to them and interesting to other collectors they learn as much about it as they possibly can.  This information includes the country of origin, the year when the coin was minted, the coin’s condition, its current market price and a brief history if it can be located.  All of this information is of great importance to coin collectors because it helps them to garner a better understanding of the true value of the coins that they are considering collecting.

Where Coin Dealers Find Their Coins

There are several different places where coin dealers are able to procure their coins from.  This includes rare coin auctions, Internet coin shops and from other coin collectors who are interested in marketing their coins in order to make money from their sales.  With so many different places available to procure coins from, dealers are able to get a good rate on the coins that they purchase.  They can then sell these coins to collectors who are interested in purchasing them.

Specialized Coin Dealers

Some coin dealers actually specialize in a specific type of coin.  These are usually coins that come from a specific period of time.  For instance, there are some coin dealers who only stock coins from the Civil War or Colonial era.  You will also be able to find coin dealers who have a great deal of experience in dealing with coins from foreign countries.  Regardless of their specialty, coin dealers always look at the coin in order to make sure that it is in good condition so as to attract collectors who are only interested in purchasing the best coins they can find.