The Beauty of Esthetics Supplies

In the spa industry, nothing separates the men from the boys faster than the quality of esthetics supplies they use. While it might seem small, having lackluster cosmetic products can snap a client back to reality all too quickly, and in the worst-case scenario, leave them uninspired to make a return trip. Make sure your spa stays ahead of the curve with these high quality esthetics supplies.

It might seem silly, but between a low cost mask brush, and one slightly more expensive, there is a huge difference in the quality of application. A product like the Brushup Boar Hair Oval Mask Brush may be slightly pricier than many of its esthetics supplies competitors, but in this instance, the extra cost goes entirely into making it the best brush of its kind. This brush has been put through a tapering process that increases its resilience, and each of its hairs is split into two or three different branches, or flags, to ensure that every facial nook and cranny is being reached. Also known as “China Bristle,” this brush is truly the best in its class.

There is no better health resource to luxuriate after a long massage or refreshing soak than with a hot shower and loofah scrub down. With the Loofah Bath Mitt with Thumb, you can rest assured that your clients will fondly remember their spa experience, and replicate it in their shower for months to come. Its terry cloth backing aids in gently exfoliating skin, and its thumb allows you to get a grip on an otherwise slippery loofah. Say goodbye to wintry skin forever with the help of this little mitt.

Waxing is one of the trickier aspects of maintaining a spa. The guesswork has been cut out for you with this Satin Smooth Student Starter Kit. As the title would suggest, this kit is perfect for beginners, and includes a 40 piece accessory kit, “Before and After” products, and a deliciously decadent Vitamin E wax mixed with honey. This kit is a ticket to success for anyone- student, professional, and anyone in between.

Do not let the little details of spa care throw you. These esthetics supplies products are guaranteed to ensure quality application that reaches even the hardest to reach areas of the face, whether a client is looking for a pop of color or a rich, even spa mask.