The Advantages of Swamp Coolers

Evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers cool the air of you home through evaporation, and use much less electricity than air conditioning. They are ideal for people who live in hot yet dry climates. Outside air is fed into water soaked pads. The new cooler air is then pushed into the home, forcing the hot air out.

The air fed out of air coolers can be 15 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit cooler once it is filtered through the wet pads and then evaporated. When you choose a cooler consider how much air the unit will move, because the cool air must be satisfactorily transferred to the area needed. Since fresh cool air is constantly being fed in, and the old hot air is forced out a steady stream of fresh air is constantly being circulated through the home.

Not only do swamp coolers use less electrical power than air conditioners, they are friendly to the environment, since water is the only chemical used. In addition, mothers will be happy to know that it does not matter if the kids constantly leave your home’s doors open in the middle of summer. Your home will still cool down. Further, many individuals who suffer breathing allergies have found increased relief because the air of the home becomes moisture laden.

Most swamp coolers cost a fraction of air conditioners, and are easy to install. Some people even use their coolers during the winter season to add humidity to the air. Coolers are also simple to maintain, still they must be periodically filled with water to be effective. Air coolers need venting to perform. This is easily carried out by opening a window so fresh air can be fed into the cooler, and another window for the hot air to escape.

The water pads of swamp coolers not only provide water for the evaporation process, but also serve to filter the incoming air, therefore increasing the air quality of your home. Environmental coolers can also replace the use of a standard humidifier in your home, saving you even more on your power bill.

To summarize, swamp coolers are a great alternative to air conditioning in dry hot regions. Fresh air is drawn into the home through an open window, and then passes through wet padding. The water then evaporates and is blown into the home, forcing the hot air out. This provides a constant flow of fresh and cool air. In addition, they are more cost-effective than air conditioning and friendly to the environment too.