Staying Aware in Today's World

Maximum Security is of upmost importance in today’s world.  With so much instant access to information this is both a good thing and a bad thing.  People have to be more aware of what is around them to stay safe. Think of how many times you have seen someone post on a forum such as Facebook that they would be going out of town.  This is essentially an invitation to a would-be burglar to come on over and break into my unattended home since no one will be home to protect it. Or what about the times you have seen someone texting and driving.  Their car seems to not stay with the pace of the rest of the traffic flow and they tend to drift in and out of their lane of traffic.

Ways to stay safe at home
The first way to take steps to stay safe is simply as easy as not letting all of your contacts know that you be out of town.  Even though access to information can be a blessing, it can also be a curse.  Sometimes people don’t realize just how many people they are reaching out to.  Information can be received from a friend, who inadvertently passes on that info to someone who is looking to rob your home.  Within the home, steps can also be taken for maximum security.  Things such as keeping windows shut and locked, putting valuable in a jewelry safe, and even having a timer for lights to come on at certain times of the day will help to keep a would be burglar at bay.  Some of the easiest steps are things like these that keep your home and valuables safe.

Ways to stay safe when out and about
These things are also easily done to increase your level of safety.  Consider texting and driving; how easy would it be to wait until you are at your destination before texting?  Choosing to do something like this not only protects you but will also protect those around you.    This also goes for talking on the phone while driving. Studies have shown that talking on the phone and driving leads to a lower level of attention for most drivers.  You are driving a couple ton vehicle; consider how important it is to keep your attention to the road only.

In addition to being safer on the road it is also important to stay aware when you are out and about. Have you ever seen someone buried in their cell phone walking down the street and they run into something? This not only embarrasses the person, but they also could be injured.  It’s not worth it to not pay attention to your surroundings in an effort to stay informed. The information that was so important to read at this moment will also be available when you reach your destination.  Remember: information can live forever on the internet.  Do not put yourself in harm’s way to access information that will still be available at a later time.

The biggest thing you can do to keep yourself safe is to increase your level of awareness.  The more you see what is going on around you, the better prepared you are to react to something if necessary.  If more people would pay more attention to the world around them, accident and incident levels would decrease.