Stars and their Body Guards, What are important qualities to have?

Chris Brown has his long-term bodyguard “Big Pat” to keep him safe all the time. Justin Bieber has Kenneth Hamilton aka “Kenny” to watch over him. Both security guards know the risk that comes with the job. Their big shot bosses needs topnotch protection 24/7, what with all those paparazzi, stalkers and overzealous fans buzzing around wherever they go.

This is why celebrities choose bodyguards with the highest level of experience. But what, exactly, do bodyguards escorting stars have in common? Is there the right type of celebrity body guard?

It turns out that guards for A-listers and the elite share some common qualities. Here are some.

Smart and Strategic
Think being a personal security guard is 100% physical work? Think again. Mike Garner, a security professional who have served L.A. actors in New York City, says his job is “80 percent mental and only 20 percent physical.” It’s like playing chess, Garner adds. His advice makes a lot of sense.

As a personal guard to a celebrity, you have to think about sound strategies and implement safety precautions. And they all vary depending on the place or event. Watching over your boss in a bar he frequents demands a different approach from, say, keeping him safe in a foreign bar.  You have to be strategic, think about what you would learn if you earned a security management degree and how it can be applied to your current work assignment.

The mental aspect of the job also has a lot to do with studying people and places. Physical action is the last resort. You will have to solve altercations verbally first or study situations before doing something irreversible.

Confident and Calm Personality
Many celebrities usually match their guards to complement their image. That’s why Lance Armstrong hires a security that looks nice and smiles. Or why 50 Cents choose guards that resemble their gangster qualities.

Regardless of their physical look, you can almost always pick out a celebrity body guard from the crowd. He stands out not only because of his stature but also because of the way he carries himself.

Their confidence is a sign that they know their surroundings well and are ready to deal with every situation that may arise. While confident, physical fit and well-trained in self-defense, professional bodyguards are calm. They are not impulsive. They are calm because they are confident they have things under control. Take a look at photos of them and you’ll see how cool they appear.

Lightning Fast Reflexes
Being confidently calm doesn’t mean being slow. First-rate security cards, in fact, have lightning-fast reflexes that never misses a gunshot. Their senses are sharp and active. They hear the shot before the second bullet is out. They regularly search their surroundings for suspicious elements.

A split second of hesitation or doubt may cause harm or even death. This is why the job of a bodyguard is tougher than you think it is.

Professional Demeanor
Personal security guards for celebrities, including politicians and athletes, act and look professional. They are professionals who know that their actions reflect badly or positively on the client they represent.

It’s a real challenge to watch over celebrities who attract fights and quarrels. But with a professional body guard to protect the star, small fights are often prevented from turning into big scenes.

Think you have the right qualities for the job? Undergo training to acquire skills and get the necessary experience.