Single Most Powerful Means of Going Green


“Going green” has become a phrase that we hear more and more often in our society, addressed by the President, the media, our friends, and our neighbors. As our society becomes fascinated with the “green lifestyle,” we wonder as individuals where to begin in the seemingly insurmountable task of reducing our carbon footprint. While bundling our errands, buying local, and starting a garden are certainly commendable acts, they take years to see effects in our carbon emissions or our budget. There is no single action that one can take that is more effective both in reducing our carbon emissions and reducing our bills than installing a Jersey City solar power system in our home.

While you power every function of your home from the refrigerator to the lights with a source of clean, renewable energy, you will find that being able to quantify the reduction in your carbon footprint through your monthly energy bill is incredibly rewarding. It is the most measurable means of “going green,” giving you a monthly reminder, in the form of your energy bill, that you have done good and taken great strides towards saving the planet. Depending on the size of solar power system that you choose to install, you may reduce your energy bill by 70 percent or completely eliminate it. Some families choose to perform a “trial run” with solar power by installing a small system, intended only to heat their water; however, the families that see the greatest benefits are those that choose the “whole home” approach to their solar system, powering every function that the gas and electric company formerly did.

It is a huge system in precluding the planet from climate change and carbon emissions, not only by changing the source of energy in your own home, but by turning your house into a miniature power plant of clean renewable energy, infusing the energy grid with the clean energy from your Jersey City solar power system on days that you produce more solar energy than you consume. This effect results in a credit on your energy bill, a quantifiable reminder that you reduced the carbon footprint of your entire community. Installing Verengo solar panels ensures that you are provided with the highest quality and commitment to customer service, helping you to receive the best quality at the lowest price in your quest to help your community, the world, and future generations.