Silver Quotes

If you are wondering about the price of silver, you can go online and get silver quotes at Monex. There are different types of silver with current live quotes. You will find Silver Bouillon quoted last at $34. 35. It opened at the same price and the high was $34, 59 while the low was $34. 05. As you search Monex you will find Silver Euro Philharmonic going for $36.54. There is also the Silver American Eagle going for $36.94, 90% Silver Coins at $34.20, 40% Silver Coins at $34.78 and the Silver Maple Leaf at $36.67 down by .20. Silver is one of the main metals. It is durable, convenience and value. The industrial demand for silver is growing over the decades. Silver is sought after for its properties including strength, malleability, ductility, and electrical and thermal conductivity.

It reflects light and can endure extreme temperatures. At Money you can get .999 fine silver bullion in 1,000 ounce bars with weight and purity intact. The weight can vary from 10% in either direction. Monex also carries the 100 ounce silver bar for personal delivery. This is more easily stored and transported. Over the years there have been bars from the Royal Canadian Mint, Johnson Matthey and Engelhard. The 100 ounce silver bars are made either by the extrusion process, machine fabrication or the free pour method. With monex you can sign up for the Monex Atlas account where investors can control up to five times their silver as all cash purchases. If you are thinking about buying some silver, now is the time. The above ground stockpiles are dwindling quickly. Silver bullion is a good investment.

When studying silver quotes and the Silver Market the current prices could give investors one of the best long-term investments out there today. Many people don’t know that silver has actually surpassed gold and quintupled in price since 2001! Between Jan, 2010 and Dec 2010, silver prices increased by more than 80%! The price of silver exceeded $50 an ounce. The U.S. government was once the biggest holder of silver. However, their reserves have been depleted because of billions of ounces going out into the world. Before you invest you should check the latest report on Silver. Monex also has a DVD and other programs containing experts, economists and investment analysts. The future looks bright when it comes to the price of silver.