Shopping For Physical Therapy Equipment Online is a division of Scrip, Inc. They have been providing equipment and supplies to physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists and athletic trainers for around 20 years now. Their goal is for all of these things to be high quality and yet competitively priced that are delivered to their office in a timely fashion. It is actually quite easy for these professionals to purchase physical therapy equipment today thanks to their online catalog that places thousands of products right at their fingertips. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re alone because they have a very knowledgeable customer service team available to help you whenever necessary.

You will find that they have numerous different types of physical therapy equipment available. Regardless of what you need, you’ll be sure to find it here. These items include such things as:

• Modalities supplies which include things that are used for acupuncture, electrotherapy (a.k.a ultrasound therapy), hot and cold therapy, hydrotherapy, massage, Paraffin therapy and skin care. This includes things like analgesics and electrodes.
• Items that are used in evaluating patients such as diagnostic tools,  scales and stadiometers, as well as tools that help determine the patient's range of motion, strength and vital signs.
• Mobility items that help with ambulation, bathroom needs and transferring between areas. For instance, there are canes, crutches, lifts, walkers and wheelchairs.
• Orthopedic items, compression products, and upper extremity supports, which include things like backpacks, bolsters, wedges, lower extremity supports, support pillows, tape, bandages and supports for your upper extremities too.
• Rehab and exercise equipment that help with motion, balance, cardio, extremities and strength. While some of these are merely reference items, others include things like exercise bands, tubes and balls. Here you'll also find nutritional items as well.
• Clinical supplies that are used for making adjustments or keeping your office clean, as well as something to store all of these things in. There are also reference materials and office supplies.

It is this company’s goal to ensure that all of their customers are 100% satisfied with the high quality products you’re purchasing at very affordable prices. So, if an item doesn’t meet your expectations for any reason whatsoever, they will gladly refund your money as long as it is within 30 days of when you bought the product. This should make you feel even better about your decision to make your next purchase one that comes from