Select Industries Boast Strong Job Market Prospects in SoCal

Select Industries Boast Strong Job Market Prospects in SoCal

Over the last few years, California has experienced some of the highest unemployment rates in the country; however, hope is on the horizon. Select industries located in Los Angeles and Orange Country are beginning to experience higher rates of employment which means potential job opportunities for those who are fresh out of college, have been recently laid off, or have been unemployed for months. Job prospects in SoCal are increasingly high in certain industries.

Let’s take a look at a few that will be getting a lot of attention in 2011.

Private Education

Although budget cuts have forced many public schools to lay off hundreds of qualified educators, the private education sector in California has seen an increase in growth. With more parents becoming concerned about the quality of public education, many are willing to spend the extra dollars in spite of the recession to send their kids to private school. Private colleges and universities are also maintaining or experiencing a rise in enrollment as students are choosing to avoid the tough job market by pursuing master and doctoral degrees.


Due to the high number of major hospitals in the region, medical professionals are in high demand in both Los Angeles and Orange County. Pharmacy technicians and radiologic technologists are experiencing some of the highest job growth rates, and only require a 2-year degree from institutions such as Sanford Brown College. RNs, medical billing positions, and biomedical engineers are also seeing an accelerated job growth rate, and although they require a 4-year degree, a median salary over $77,000 provides a strong incentive.


As many Southern Californian companies pursue national and global recognition through the web and strive to strengthen their own internal computer networks, IT jobs are in increasingly high demand. Computer network and data analysts, software architects, internet marketers, and other IT positions are all experiencing high growth rates, and with an average salary over $70,000 they offer promising careers to those with degrees.

The job market in SoCal is on the rise offering new opportunities to those seeking employment.

Although industries such as manufacturing and construction have experienced record employment lows, other industries, in addition to private education, healthcare and IT, are beginning to hire again. Orange County alone is expected to add an additional 23,000 jobs in 2011, and the travel and tourism industry throughout Southern California is continuing to add jobs daily. Many start-up companies are also seeking the employment of qualified individuals.