Secure Your Company Data by Eliminating Admin Rights

There are plenty of horror stories in the press about customer data being hacked. If client information gets into the wrong hands it not only embarrasses your company, but puts your business in peril. Not everyone in your business needs access to all databases. Eliminating administration rights is a great way to keep your client data safe. On the other hand, you must handle this matter delicately. Directing your employees to a Privileged Identity Management Blog will educate your employees on this important matter.

Your business should also be equipped with the state of the art technology and software downloads. The latest back up and call center software makes it easier for management to implement a robust privileged admin identity system, and allow management to monitor employee activities. You will know who is accessing what databases; the time and date they are doing it. Failure to get a handle on admin rights could cost your business in lost clients and revenues, not to mention the harm done to your reputation.

Many companies store customer payment information, such as credit card data. Imagine the harm that could be done should customer credit card information get into the wrong hands. It does happen. All it takes is one rouge employee. It could be a disgruntled employee. The reality is all businesses have a disgruntled worker somewhere in their ranks. On the other hand, your most trusted employee could be stealing your data and feeding it to competitors too.

If you do not have advanced backup and call center systems in place along with a strong admin identity management program, you are almost asking for problems. The best way to safeguard your business records is to allow access by the need of the job, and then to monitor that access. These days it is more important than ever to safe guard your customer’s valuable data, because once you lose a client he is likely gone for good.