Saving Energy with VMware

There are numerous concerns that the modern world faces. Among these concerns is the use of energy. Many are concerned with the environmental impact of the amount of resources required to produce the large quantities of energy to fuel modern industry. Others are concerned with the rising cost of energy, and the implications of future overhead forecasts as modern technologies increase demand. Regardless of the need to reduce energy, businesses can easily reduce their usage by converting their computer systems to a virtual platform with VMware.

VMware software downloads can begin to transform a business's energy consumption caused by servers and computer usage into a streamlined and efficient machine. Servers have great energy consumption and with the rising cost of energy, the price continues to rise. Datacenters consumed nearly 2% of the total U.S. energy production in 2006, and this number is growing rapidly as more businesses utilize computer networks in their operations.

In modern times, computer dependency is becoming central to successful business operations. The use and maintenance of hardware is responsible for being the biggest consumer of energy. Just keeping datacenters cooled down accounts for 50% of their energy usage. Desktop computers are also a known culprit, sitting idle nearly 90% of the time. Many of these only house a single application and rarely get the use needed to justify the energy expense.

With more businesses using computers to monitor and complete transactions, preparations have to be maintained for sudden increases in server loads created by an increase in activity. This leaves a situation where businesses must keep more hardware operating than what is actually needed for everyday use.

VMware allows for server consolidation so that a business can operate fewer servers. It creates a virtual environment that allows for multiple applications on one server, instead of many. By being able to reduce the need for servers through the use of VMware, businesses can drastically decrease the cost of energy. This phenomenon has been so widely accepted that there is a growing trend for some utility companies to offer incentives to businesses that switch to virtual platforms through software like VMware.

The flexible nature of VMware allows businesses to take advantage of the energy, and cost, saving methods of reducing server hardware. It is capable of handling an influx in loads by easily allowing virtual machines to be transferred to other machines. Additional software downloads are also available to allow VMware to manage energy usage as well. With these advantages, businesses have a great chance to use less energy and help the environment. Whatever the motivation, it can significantly reduce energy costs.