Rock n' Roll Book Signing in Burbank

Rock n’ Roll Book Signing for Ladies Night Out

“It will give you a laugh, a cry, a wisecrack and a woody.” Lonn Friend, Author of Life on Planet Rock and Sweet Demotion

Los Angeles - [July 22, 2012]- With billboards of Rock of Ages on every street corner and Who Shot Rock n Roll flags hanging from every lamp post, one would surmise that rock music was ruling the city of Los Angeles once again. From the city that’s famous Sunset Strip has spawned endless books of demise and fame, a new type of ‘tell all’ story is rising… one created by an actual musician who walked the trenches of dreamland and sweated on dirty stages for her art. Tommie Vaughn is the real thing, with 11 years of performing, recording and touring, releasing four albums with her alternative rock band Wall of Tom, whose newest music video for their single off the brand new album The Lovers, was premiered on American Songwriter, gaining reviews from rock royalty like Mr. Henry Rollins himself, who said of Wall of Tom’s new single ‘Cherish Every Moment’; “Wall of Tom’s new single, ‘Cherish Every Moment,’ is a well written, performed and meant song, free of cynicism. Rare in these times.”

Tommie Vaughn had a story to tell and This Rock in My Heart is her first novel, in a three book series, loosely based on her experiences in Rock n Roll. The back cover entices the dreamer in every one of us: They say only time will heal a broken heart but Frankie Spencer proves that theory wrong. Music was her guide, and a job at a legendary Hollywood recording studio was her gateway. Bravely fighting her way out of a suffocating relationship, Frankie began working at Cherokee Studios with a cast of characters fit for a royal tabloid court. From the Amazon blonde drummer to the son of a rock legend, she danced, pranced, and sang with rock stars and strippers alike. Every strum of the guitar was like a beat of her heart, bringing her back from the edge into a whole new world of mayhem, romance and stuff “books are made of”. Frankie stepped into the Hollywood dream and made it her own. The beginning volume of the Frankie Spencer Series will lead you through the start of her rock and roll awakening and may even inspire a journey of your own.

The Los Angeles music community and the Hollywood industry elite are cheering the novel, with fans like the legendary rock writer Lonn Friend embracing the novel; others had this to say about This Rock in My Heart so far:

“Tommie Vaughn has written chick lit for rocker moms, not soccer moms! I swear every girl/woman who ever came to Hollywood with stars in her eyes will wish they were walking in Frankie Spencer’s shoes. I had a ball reading it!” –Sandy King Carpenter, Writer, Film Producer, President Storm King Productions

"Frankie Spencer is clever, heartfelt and down right kick ass. For those who find this fair city of Los Angeles, after being lost elsewhere, the world Tommie Vaughn creates with her word play is- the real deal. Trust me. I can’t wait for the next one... I hope I'm in it." -Brandon Thomas, Bleed the Dream

Tommie will be signing copies of her novel this Friday (July 27th) at Swift Vintage (3216 West Magnolia Boulevard Burbank, CA 91505) from 6-9pm for Magnolia Parks popular street party ‘Ladies Night Out’, come out and meet the author, enter to win a free book, and help support the local businesses in Burbank.


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