Refine Your Paintball Skills with Invert Mini Paintball Guns

Choosing the right paintball gun as a beginner can be a difficult process. Research is essential to figuring out what brands have the quality and features that you desire. One important factor in selecting the gun for you is looking at the size of the gun. Most people do not want a gun that is too heavy or hard to handle. They should choose a gun that is easy for them to hold and move around efficiently, like the Invert Mini.

A tiny, lightweight gun like the Invert Mini models can make a huge difference in your shooting ability. According to one paintball product reviewer and avid paintball gun shooter, “When I took it out and put the barrel on it was very light (probably the lightest marker out there) and was very easy to hold.”

Another factor to consider when choosing a paintball gun is how easily you can clean it. This might not be something many people would think of, but it does matter. With balls of paint being continuously released through the barrel of the gun, there is bound to be some mess inside the chamber. Many guns have numerous parts to take apart when cleaning. A smaller gun like the Invert Mini has just three parts to clean: the barrel, bolt, and breach. There are only 4 wires on the inside of the gun, which also makes taking it apart and putting it back together a smoother process.

Low-maintenance guns like the Invert Mini are also great because changing the batteries is effortless. The board is located in the front grip, which many users rave makes it incredibly simple to change out the batteries, or if necessary replace the board. Another facet of such low-maintenance and simply designed guns is that they have very few modes, which is actually a positive for beginners. When just starting out in paintball, it is nice to have a gun that is not so complicated so that you can truly learn how to use a paintball gun correctly. Once you have become more adept with shooting, you may want to upgrade your gun to make it shoot faster or have more modes. Look for beginner guns that have multiple configurations and available upgrades.

When looking for beginner guns, focus on finding manageable, lightweight and durable models that can be upgraded once you have mastered the sport and are ready for a more challenging experience.