Proper Storage of Your Bullion Coins

Bullion coins can be very expensive, so it is essential that you properly care for and store these coins. There are a variety of sizes and metals that bullion coins are available in, but the basics of caring for them are all the same. You should purchase individual containers to store each of your coins in, a safety deposit box and add emergency access to your box. By doing these three things, you will ensure your coins are properly protected and will retain their value.


Bullion coins come in a variety of sizes that are based on their overall weight. It does not matter which size coin you own, you can purchase an individualized container to keep the coin safe. These containers are usually made out of plastic and will completely cover the coin and protect it from moisture and other environmental threats that can make the coin look dirty. Keeping each coin separately in a container is the best way to display the coin and also protect it at the same time.

Safety Deposit Box

Putting your coins in a safety deposit box is the ideal way to protect them. Although it is difficult to see and enjoy your coins if they are at the bank in your safety deposit box, it is by far the best place to store your bullion coins. Banks offer these special safety boxes for the sole purpose of providing a safe place for valuables. If there were a fire, flood or other natural disaster at your home, your valuable coins would be safely stored in your deposit box at the bank.

Additional Access

If you will be keeping your coins at the bank in a safety deposit box it is important that you give secured access to these coins to someone else in case of emergency. If you do not sign the paperwork to allow this access, it can take months for your loved ones to get legal access to your coins. You can sign a piece of paper indicating this emergency access person, when opening your safety deposit box. You should also include this information in your will to ensure all parties are aware of the safety deposit box.

Keeping your coins safe is easy with the purchase of individual containers and a safety deposit box. Be sure to also add an emergency contact person to your safety deposit box so they can get access to your bullion coins in case something was to happen to you.