Popular Rare Gold Coins at Zoomcoin

In the previous decade, the number of coin collectors grew exponentially. This was largely due to the interest in alternative investment methods as people grew weary of the uncertain economy and the failing dollar. Precious metals became more popular than ever. Whether bought in bullion bars or coins, precious metal prices skyrocketed due to high demand. This demand has not let up in the new decade.

An increasing number of investors continue to find the benefits in purchasing rare gold coins both for their intrinsic value and their numismatic value. The numismatic value is a coin’s worth in excess of its intrinsic precious metal value. It is based on a coin’s historical significance, rarity, physical condition, mintmarks, and a host of other factors. The benefits of owning coins for both intrinsic and precious metal value has led to many people purchasing rare gold coins at Zoomcoin.

Zoomcoin, better known as Monaco Rare Coins, is a long-established coin dealer. When making a significant investment such as rare gold coins, it is important to work with experienced dealers. Monaco advisors have extensive knowledge in coin numismatics. With an inventory of coins in excess of $10,000,000, it’s no wonder why professional coin collectors depend on Monaco time and time again.

Some of the most popular rare gold coins at Zoomcoin are the certified gold American Buffalo coins. These coins are the only U.S. minted 24 karat gold coins. The United States Mint began producing these coins in 2006 after the Presidential $1 Coin Act was passed in 2005. All of the gold used in American Buffalo coins is mined within the United States and struck at the West Point U.S. Mint.

Other widely collected rare gold coins at Zoomcoin are the gold American Eagle coins. These coins were first minted in 1986 by the United States Mint. The popularity of these coins has remained strong ever since and they are still minted to this day. Each one of these coins is backed for its weight, purity and content. Both coin collectors and serious investors have used this coin to diversify their collections and their investment portfolios. American Eagle coins, which are backed by the United States government, are thought of as safe hedges against economic instability.

American Buffalos and American Eagles are just a fraction of the gold coins that Monaco offers. No matter what type of gold coins you collect, you are likely to find what you need through Monaco.