Personality Assessment Testing Tools to Select the Right Employee Candidate

As a way to assure employee retention when filling vacant positions in your company, using personality assessment tools can ensure you are hiring the right person the first time. With highly sophisticated systems, your HR managers can perform scientifically calibrated testing to determine each potential employee's behavioral motivations and tendencies. Testing results often plot out critical information necessary to understand whether each potential candidate will be able to perform required abilities in a specific job.

Behavioral Dimensions 

Personality profile testing has been proven effective at capturing, quantifying and validating dozens of unique behavioral dimensions that remain consistent over the arc of an employee's working years. These "core behaviors" tell your HR department whether a potential candidate can increase their abilities, without changing their behaviors, as a way to guarantee fulfillment of the necessary duties of their job.

The Workers Life Cycle

Once the preferences of each candidate's core behaviors have been accurately captured, it is easier for your company's human resource department to determine a natural fit to fill the vacant position. It also provides detailed information of the requirements needed to coach and develop the potential employee's abilities to perform their job properly. The results of behavioral testing allow managers to identify important areas of opportunities in his or her workforce to coach and guide subordinates to increase their performance and capacity.

Assessment Tools

Sophisticated applications have been built on the evaluation results of millions of job applicants. The data helps to determine a complete personality assessment of each potential employee. Developing proven processes, assessment tools are formulated using algorithms, as a tool to "flag" any abnormal response in the tested candidates.

The results of these quantified personality assessment tests and tools provide deeper insight into every candidate's evaluation and assessment. Having a complete behavioral profile helps the HR department make better decisions in hiring.

Getting It Right the First Time

Using personality assessment tools to analyze job performance before hiring makes recruitment easier, and provides better outcomes for both the company and the potential employee. With the candidate's behaviors, motivations and desires plotted out, hiring managers can make quicker decisions on selecting the right person for the job.

The single greatest expense of hiring a new employee is getting it wrong. Spending the time, energy and money to train and develop the skills of an employee that is not working out can lead to frustration for the newly employed person and added expense for the company.