Oakley Bags for Your Paintball Gear

Oakley bags come in a wide assortment of different sizes, colors and styles to meet your paintball gear needs. Playing the sport of paintball involves carrying a lot of equipment. Having a high quality bag to keep your paintball gear safe and secure is important. You would not want to arrive at a match and be unable to play, just because a piece of equipment was damaged.

Oakley bags offer a lot of storage space. You will not have to worry about getting in your headgear, goggles, protective gloves, body armor and foot wears. Most of the bags offer additional storage capacities to hold your wallet and keys securely. Some bags even have the ability to be padlocked to keep everything safe and sound.

The larger Oakley bags even offer the convenience of being able to take a laptop computer along. If you are traveling to a tournament and need to keep in touch with work or email, you do not have to worry about having to carry a second bag just for your laptop. There is also a specially designed pocket to hold water bottles. There is even enough room to put your paintball marker, hopper, cleaning kit, and CO2 canisters in them.

The selection of Oakley bags varies from backpack styles to rolling gear bags. If you do not want to carry your paintball gear on your back, that is not a problem, just use an Oakley rolling gear bag instead. The larger rolling bags also can be split into two separate bags for airline travel. If you are going away for an extended weekend to play paintball or just to relax at a beachside resort, these bags can serve multiple purposes.

The convenience of being able to only have to own a single Oakley bag is another advantage. Each Oakley product is made of high quality materials and is well padded for protection. Some of the bags even have removable water drainage holes in case water gets into the interior of the bag. Certain bags are designed in such a way that if they get wet inside, the bag will not be ruined. Or you might decide to own several different sizes of bags. Smaller bags are available for quick trips to the gym or local field to play paintball and larger bags for traveling larger distances. If you are into other extreme sports besides paintball, Oakley also offers specialized bags for bike riders and surfers.