New Martial Arts School Does more than teach Kicks!

You may have seen their shiny, new red letters on the building on Burbank Boulevard as you were driving home from Costco with a carload of groceries. They spell “TAEKWONDO,” which means “Way of hand and foot” in Korean. Burbank Taekwondo school does teach a lot of kicking and punching, but they are doing much more.
In February, the school has planned a “Parents’ Night Out” Valentine’s Party as a fundraiser for the PTA at Bret Harte Elementary. The kids will enjoy a night of fun and games, pizza, movies, and a little bit of sugar, while their parents get to spend a few hours together sans children! 75% of the profits will go to support Bret Harte’s PTA.
Burbank Taekwondo has also begun teaching a different way of foot, ZUMBA Fitness. Yes, the very popular dance aerobics class that is sweeping Burbank, has landed on Saturday mornings at 10 am at Burbank Taekwondo School. Prices are very reasonable, at $6 a class on a 5 class punch card. They are offering a discount to current Burbank gym members as well.
Come try any class for free. They are located at 1701 W. Burbank Boulevard, Suite 201. The Taekwondo class schedule for ages 3-adult and the Zumba fitness schedule are listed on their website