Miracle Love

I, Diana, signed in on hotmail messenger and saw someone she did not recognized, since she had very few friends and would not add someone she did not know.
Diana: "Hi! Excuse me, do I know you?"
Hansel: "I don't know, I never heard your name before."
Diana: "But, you add me!"
Hansel: "NO, you add ME!!!"
Diana: "? Well, I don't know, but I am going to erase you because I don't know you. Bye!"
Hansel: "Wait!!! Just tell me who you are? Let's make a deal, if I don't make you laugh you can erase me if I do you don't but be honest!"
Hansel thought Diana was pretty just by seeing her profile picture. Diana could not see Hansel, since he had something else as profile picture.
Immediately, Diana admit she laugh at his funny joke. Instantly, they were connected and they couldn't stop laughing; that's where a very good friendship started. Since then, they couldn’t stop talking; they open their heart to each other and share everything that happened in their life whether it was good or bad. However it was easier because they weren’t seeing each other. It got to the point that they became best friends without knowing they were falling in love. During a year of their friendship, Hansel broke with his girlfriend and Diana was not happy with her boyfriend, at her young age 17 she dreamed to find her husband and she couldn’t picture being married with his actual boyfriend. After breaking up with her boyfriend she promises not to have another boyfriend until she was confirm by God that it was her husband. After a year Hansel and Diana were talking every day, through all the day, by phone, email and commenting pictures on MySpace. One day Hansel and Diana promise they will not date until they find their husband and wife. Hansel admits to Diana that he would love his wife to have the same qualities and beauty as her. Diana said "You will find someone better than me because you deserve it." January 2, 2008 at 3am Diana woke thinking about Hansel after a dream she had about both of them getting married. Diana cries and prays to God asking him why she was falling in love with Hansel, if he was so far away. An impossible love, she was living in California and Hansel from Guatemala at a where Diana was born. Hansel did not have a Visa to come to United States and Diana couldn’t travel as well. In June 2008 Diana was given permission to flight to Guatemala to see her grandma. She told Hansel she was going to Guatemala soon, but didn’t tell him when. Diana wanted to give Hansel a surprise, but at the same time she was scare to fall in love with him and ruin their beautiful friendship. Then, she contact Hansel’s best friend and told him to take him to a mall. Diana hide at a store when they arrived, She was nervous and at times she wanted to escape, but when she saw them she knew it was him the man of her dreams. He was more handsome in person and a beautiful smile. Hansel did not know why they where there, he just sat on a bench talking to his friend and Diana like a stranger just sat next to him. Immediately, he turns to his left and recognized Diana. He was so impressed, his friend instantly left, Hansel got up, got Diana’s hand and they kissed. It felt like a dream, they couldn’t believe what was happening. After walking for a few hours Hansel took Diana to his house and called his mom, his mom knew everything about Diana and gave her a big hug and told her that her son have no eyes for other woman than her. His brothers said they were tired of Hansel talking about Diana and they were so surprised Diana was in their house, like Hansel they thought that never was going to happen. The same day Diana introduced Hansel to her family, and he talked for hours to her lovely grandma.
The next day, Diana felt very sad, she was confused and wanted to be over with that game. She was so happy, but she knew sooner than later she was going to wake up from that dream. That afternoon, they went to a church where nobody met them and a prophet they didn’t know came out of nowhere and told them: God unity you and you are meant to be together, he got Hansel’s hand uniting it to Diana’s hand, saying: “she is the wife you always wanted”, and to Diana: “he is the husband you always prayed for.” After that day, they freely love each other, at their young age Diana being 18 and Hansel being 22, they knew they were husband and wife. When it was time for Diana to go back to The United States, it felt like the sky was falling on top of them, at the airport they both promise they will wait and be faithful. Their heart broke because their reality told them it was impossible for them to see each other again. They did not have a date, and hope they will see each other. Hansel did not have visa and Diana couldn’t go back since everything depended on her parents and she needed to finish school. They kept talking everyday at every hour and everyone told them they were crazy for having a distant love. After three months Hansel’s mom told him, she had a surprise for him, she investigated and because Hansel is son of a Spaniard, he have the right to become a Spaniard citizen, and have the right to get a passport and without doubt enter the U.S.A. He started the long process that took 9 months. In March 2009 he was flying to the U.S.A for the first time, excited to see the love of his life. God one more time make another miracle. He could only stay one month because of his job and while they decided where they were going to live and when they were going to get married, they always had faith in God. They knew God will continue writing their story. Hansel went back for the second time on October of the same year. There were times where their hope was vanishing and difficult times came, but their love was greater than anything. The last time Hansel went to see Diana was on April 2010. He talked to Diana’s parents about him wanting to get married with Diana. Hansel formally asked Diana to marry him in a beautiful restaurant on the top of a mountain where they could see all the beautiful country in the middle of the night. Finally, after the entire wait, the date of the wedding arrived, December 12, 2010. They got married in Guatemala, having a wonderful and private ceremony with their love ones. At the moment on December 12, 2012 will be our second anniversary. We are so happy and so blessed that all the doors have been opening for us. Now we keep dreaming big and fighting for our love, but we know our love will be beyond death. "Many waters cannot quench love, Nor will rivers overflow it; If a man were to give all the riches of his house for love, It would be utterly despised." Song of Salomon 8:7