Miami Air Conditioning Repair Prepares For Summer 2012

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Miami Air Conditioning Repair Prepares For Summer 2012

Miami, Florida 10-26-11 - Back in 2008 when the economy crashed many air conditioning contractors called it day and simply closed their doors and retired. But at Miami Air Conditioning Repair, we chose to reinvent ourselves, create a new website and engaged in a new online marketing initiative that has paid off tremendously.

Air Conditioning Contractors Must Innovate

During this time we noticed that our customers were getting scared about spending their money on the installation of a new air conditioning system. With the turn in the economy, we had to refocus our business and diversify our service and product offerings. One of the key changes we made that had a significant impact on our bottom line was offering air duct cleaning services. This additional revenue stream increased our business by almost 15%. We also spent significant time and energy to retrain all of our AC service technicians to provide world-class customer service and develop their marketing and sales skills. We also broadened our service areas to include Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties which gave us a huge boost in revenue.

Energy Efficient Performance

Last year, Miami Air Conditioning Repair had a record year for sales, which we believe in part was do to the federal tax credits for installing a new high efficiency AC system. While 2010 was an extremely successful year, 2011 has also presented some unique challenges that we had to overcome. One of the ways we did this was by educating our customers on the energy savings benefits of high efficient air conditioners, heat pumps and air handlers. There have been giant steps to improve the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems and by giving this information to our customers they can make an informed decision when they choose a replacement air conditioning system.

About Miami Air Conditioning Repair

Miami Air Conditioning Repair is a HVAC contractor located in Miami, Florida that provides a full line of heating, air conditioning, duct cleaning and HVAC system products and services. You can contact us at 305-400-0219 or visit our website at