Metrolink 3% fare increase goes into effect accross most routes

Los Angeles, CA. - Faced with increased operating costs and the slumping economy, the Metrolink Board of Directors voted on a better than originally proposed fare increase at their monthly meeting on May 15, 2009. The average fare increase of 3% is better than what was originally a 4.5% fare hike that was rejected by the Board at their April 28th meeting.

Prior to the Board decision, Metrolink had reached out to the public for feedback on the possible fare increases, and they took this feedback into consideration when creating the new plan. According to the Metrolink spokesperson, the increased fares will bring somewhere around $1 million in additional revenue to Metrolink. It is expected that many of the less expensive routes will retain their current pricing, while monthly passes will increase by about 3% each.

In other Metrolink news, the Board of Directors voted to install video cameras in all Metrolink train conductors' cars, to avoid a repeat of the accident in Chatsworth on September 12, 2008. The contract, worth close to a million dollars, was awarded to Railhead Vision Systems.

Metrolink operates two stations in Burbank, California - one at Bob Hope Airport and the other in Downtown Burbank.