Medical Equipment for Disaster Preparedness

The past several years have demonstrated the need for disaster preparedness. Events such as hurricanes, floods and winter storms have created situations were people were without the commonly used services that they depend on every day. Access to food, water and medical attention can create fatal consequences. Medical equipment is also a necessity for people with conditions that require constant attention. Understanding the necessities that would be required in the event of such emergencies can help save lives.

Federal agencies and other experts provide a suggested list of emergency supplies that should be kept on hand in all households. These include a supply of food for at least three days, a gallon of drinking water per person per day, and first aid supplies. When community services such as water and power are lost, sanitation can quickly become an issue. A good first aid kit is an important piece of medical equipment that can prevent infections and disease. Medical news is full of reports concerning the need for sanitation in cuts and scrapes. A simple laceration can quickly become life threatening if not properly treated. Sufficient first aid kits include microbial cleaning agents such as isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

In addition to a first aid kit, other medical equipment may be needed. Many medical conditions may require additional supplies to be kept on hand. Conditions such as diabetes and heart conditions require monitoring devices and medication to ensure proper treatment. These conditions may require specific diet needs as well. It is vital that these considerations be taken into account when planning for disaster preparedness.

Medical news and other sources often make mention of the need to check expiration dates on prescriptions. Keeping a ready supply of prescriptions on hand for disaster preparation should be encouraged, but attention to expiration dates must be practiced. Also, other medical equipment should be checked at least monthly to ensure that it is functioning properly. First aid kits should be checked regularly for missing supplies.

Emergency preparedness is important for keeping people safe. It is easy to feel secure when access to services always seems available, but the absence of such services can quickly be a cause for alarm. Medical news typically provides stories of individuals who needlessly suffered due to lack of preparation. Medical conditions demand that certain needs be met in order to maintain health. Preparing for disasters with food, water, and necessary medical equipment can ensure survival in the event of an emergency.