Burbank, CA – On December 18th, the Media City Youth Ballet will perform two back to back performances of “The Little Match Girl”, starring Lexi Wong as The Little Match Girl, and directed and choreographed by Media City Ballet’s Artistic Director, Natasha Middleton. The performances will take place at The Colony Theater in Burbank, California at 4:00 PM & 7:00 PM. Tickets are on sale at Media Dance Centre (818) 972-9692 online at

Special Guest Actress, Elmarie Wendel (“3rd Rock from the Sun”, “George Lopez Show”), will play the role of “Ms. Dennings, the Cook”. Co-starring in the role as Jeb Maklin is Michael A. Hamilton (“Desperate Housewives” and "CSI").

It is Christmas time in Victorian England. While many people are scrounging for work, other are shopping and preparing for the holiday. A young girl, whose mother has been dead since she was two years old, lives alone with her father, Jeb Maklin. But since the death of his wife, Jeb turned to drinking, and his 12-year-old daughter is stuck raising herself. She must survive by selling matches on the streets of London. Hardly anyone has the time to buy matches on Christmas Eve, but she is brave and tries to get on with her life no matter what. Each time the girl lights her matches, she looks into a magic world…the world of her imagination. She also falls in love, and makes friends, but no one in the end can help her and give her a warm house to keep her away from the freezing winter. Will the girl be able to find the warm and loving house she always dreamed of, or will she remain helpless, searching for her father’s love in the cold winter night?

About Media City Ballet
Media City Ballet Company, Inc., headquartered in Burbank, California, is the leading professional ballet production company in the Los Angeles area dedicated to presenting theatrical ballet inspired by the style of the Ballet Russes. Founded in 2001, MCB is known for dramatic storytelling through spellbinding dance, always presented with an unexpected twist. We explore fascinating characters, showcase exciting costumes and use beautiful sets to tell new and familiar tales. Media City Ballet (MCB) entertains more than 5,000 audience members each year with a season of full-scale ballet productions and captivates hundreds of people annually with its Studio Session presentations. Additionally, MCB brings educational programming that is centered on the arts represented in theatrical ballet into local elementary school classrooms, engaging over 1,000 students each year. Media City Ballet is also proud of it's Youth company, now in its 3rd season with the premier of "The Little Match Girl".