Maverick Art at Autry National Center

Autry National Center of the American West has a special exhibition, running from October 4, 2008 through January 4, 2009. The exhibition, called Maverick Art, is made up of contemporary art from the Autry permanent collection that explores how contemporary artists see the American West as an artistic resource. Artists that are represented in this exhibit include Maynard Dixon, James Doolin, David Levinthal, Richard Misrach, and many others.

Maverick Art emphasizes work that was created after 1990, and it includes the standard icons such as cowboys and indians, while other artists use different ways to connect the past to the present.

According to Amy Scott, Curator of Visual Arts at the Museum, "Maverick Art is about casting a wider net for our audience and the field of contemporary Western art alike. I'm interested not only in understanding how frontier mythos and imagery continues to influence our contemporary identity as Westerners, but also the emergence of newer themes, from freeway culture to the atomic bomb. Our notion of who constitutes a Western artist is changing as well. As the place itself becomes increasingly diverse, many artists seek to revive or reclaim historic traditions, producing new work that is linked to a cultural past but is also very much about the present."

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