Lucky Kat TV

This gaming and video website is one hundred percent geared towards giving your child the ultimate creative experience in modern entertainment in a completely safe environment!

Partnered with D.A.R.E. and now operating in 44 countries, this amazing site offers your child activities, games and much more!  Your child will be enthusiastic about learning new material that are wrapped in a fun and positive way which still meets National Academic Standards.  Your child will be able to make their own videos for LKTV, accomplish goals by mastering games and create their own creative environment using tools that challenge them!

Some of the activities your child will explore include writing and starring in a short play, explaining and demonstrating school projects, how to play a musical instrument and reporting on actual or make believe events!  These activities are for kids of all ages.

Browse the site yourself to gain an understanding as to why so many families absolutely love LKTV.  Interactive, innovative and encouraging, LKTV takes your child into a virtual world that actually prompts them to develop necessary skill sets for the future.  They emphasize that dreaming, believing, planning and ‘doing’ (execution of plans) are the four major steps required to make anything happen!  This provides real world practice for their bright futures.

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