Lucie and Iris

Lucie and I have been friends for almost 20 years. We have gone through a lot of ups and downs together over the years, but 2014 really took its toll on her. The year started with Lucie constantly having to look after her ailing mother putting everything else on hold. Her mother passed in June and as Lucie was dealing with all what one deals with after one passes. No one would have expected that at the beginning of October, Lucie would receive a phone call at work that the house she shares with her husband and 2 daughter had burnt down. Living in a hotel and eating fast food constantly was nothing compared to the loss Lucie felt of all her memories. Lucie is one of the most unmaterialistic people I know. The last few months have been dealing with the loss of her mother as well as her home of over 20 years. When I decided to visit my son I asked Lucie to come along as a well deserved break. The only thing that could make this vacation even better would be to see you. We would really appriciate 3 tickets for Lucie, my son and I to come see your show. Thank you so much.