Knowing the Art of Hookah Smoking

Hookah smoking is around for centuries and has been looked as classical art form that has been passed down from one generation to another throughout the Middle East. These are basically the water pipes that were very common during the 17th century and can be easily found in any coffee shops or streets of the region. The body of a Shisha (hookah pipe) consists of a rounded vessel which holds water. An elegant stem rises from the body that contains a bowl at the top that are used to hold the tobacco. One or more flexible hoses are used to draw the hookah smoke through water. Hookah tobacco is heated through the charcoal and the water filters are used to cool the smoke. After that water gurgles gently to make the smoke cool and smooth. The word shisha that is another name of hookah is a Persian word that means a bottle or glass. Confusingly, some people also refer Hookah tobacco as hookah shisha, or only shisha. Today, hookah pipes come in many different styles and patterns that are from Syrian to Egyptian style. There is variety of hookah pipes available for traveling purposes in attractive custom designs. You may also say that, there is history of craftsmanship that is associated with hookah pipes. Traditionally, hookahs were made through the materials like blown glass, brass, enamel painting, aluminum, porcelain, carved stone, silver, clay, wood, and leather. However, these all materials are also used today for manufacturing of hookahs with some advancement such as plastic, Pyrex glass, stainless steel, rubber, and high quality acrylics. Individually wrapped plastic disposable mouthpieces are provided for each smoker in smoking lounges and restaurants. Other accessories of tobacco and hookah pipe include the metal tongs and hookah charcoal. The charcoal typically comes in coin-sized small pieces that may last for 30 minutes in a slow smoking tobacco mixture. Some of the etiquette for smoking hookah pipes. Water pipes must be on ground instead of on shelf or high table with the smokers on low seats or cushions around it. In modern hookah lounges, water pipes often appear on tables. Moreover, hookahs are not supposed to be passed instead of that set down after smoking for the next smoker to take that at leisure. Over the internet, there are various hookah stores from where you can get the high quality hookah for yourself. You can also find hookah tobacco in various tasty flavors such as apple, orange, candy, vanilla etc.