Keeping Your Beloved Coin Collection Organized

You love your coin collection. You don’t really have the time or money to collect rare, expensive coins, but you do have time to organize the change you have and call it your coin collection. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Any group of coins that you keep on collecting can be referred to as a coin collection. Right now, your coins aren’t exactly organized. In fact, they aren’t organized at all. They’re actually in jars, coin purses, and bags.

It doesn’t matter if your coins are worth hundreds of dollars or if they’re just worth the exact amount on the coin – they’re still worth something. Don’t forget that those coins are actual money! You can cash those in for cash whenever you want, so keeping them organized will greatly reduce the risk that you’ll lose them and not be able to profit from them at all. Organizing those coins isn’t hard – it just takes a few minutes.

The first thing that you need to do is separate your coin collection into categories. Since you’re collecting basic pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, separate them out like that. Put the pennies in one pile, the nickels in another pile, and so forth.

Next, you can sort them by the year in which they were minted. US regular monetary coins have been minted for a long time, so you’re bound to have them from several years. You can start by breaking them down into decades and if you find that you have a lot from the same year, you can break them down that way as well. You can organize your coin collection from older coins to newer coins or newer coins to older coins.

Once you have them organized, you’re not going to just stuff them back into bags and jars, right? Right! If you really want to take that coin collection of yours to the next level, put the coins in albums and folders. Albums and folders can be purchased from a coin dealer or they can be purchased online.

If your collection is much more diverse, you can separate your coins into countries. Do you have a rare US coin collection? Separate those coins into the type of coins they are.

No matter what kind of coins you’re collecting, keeping them organized is of paramount importance. Keep your coins safe, unharmed, and worth something by keeping them organized.