Keep Your Massage Tables in Great Shape


Massage tables are an investment. The portable versions of the tables will cost several hundred dollars, while the stationary versions of the tables are more. Often, they are the largest expense for your business. Thus, it makes sense to take great care of the tables if you want to get your money’s worth from them. Proper care of these tables can ensure that they are going to last a long time. Once you have a routine down for the care of your tables, it is going to become second nature.

Use Quality Sheets for Protection

Massage oils and gels can be messy. Having table sheets is going to help to protect the surface of the massage tables from the oils. This helps to keep them clean, and it can help prevent premature aging, staining, and other issues. Use different sheets for each of the clients that come into your office too. Always have a large clean supply of sheets on hand.

Wipe Down the Table Often

Always wipe down the table. Here are some rules to live by that will help with the cleanliness of your practice and the life of your table. When you come into the clinic in the morning, wipe down the table. Wipe down the table after each of your clients receives his or her massage. Wipe the table down at the end of the day. Get into the practice, and it will no longer feel like a hassle. Make sure that you are wiping down and cleaning the entire table, including any accessories that you might use!

Speaking of the accessories, you should only have the accessories on your table when you are going to be using them. Keeping them stored out of the way when not in use will reduce the wear and tear and make your entire system last much longer.

Cover the Table to Preserve It

When the table isn’t in use, it’s a good idea to cover it so that nothing gets on it. If you have a portable table, you could simply fold it and put it into a case. With a standard stationary table, you can find special coverings, or you could use a sheet for the massage tables.

Taking care of your massage tables is going to make them last much longer, and that’s going to feel great for your budget. You shouldn’t have to keep replacing your tables. They should be able to last you for years.