John Burroughs High School

John Burroughs High School readies a new generation of Burbank residents for the world beyond, by giving them a top notch high school education. John Burroughs High School was established in 1948 and has hosted Burbank graduates for more than a half century. John Burroughs High School is located in the “flatlander” part of Burbank, between George Izay Park and Verdugo Park. Burroughs colors are red and white. Their school mascot is the Indian.

John Burroughs isn’t defined by its football traditions, but they do stand out. The Burroughs High School football team as well as the basketball, baseball, and tennis teams round out the scholar athlete mission of the institution. Burroughs merits serious attention as a college entrance high school and channels energies of staff and students to their best personal goals. John Burroughs routes students to colleges and trade schools for all types of personal potential and academic excellence.

The look of John Burroughs has changed in the last few years. The original front appearance of JBHS has been massively refurbished. A major renovation of Memorial Field is also planned, which will update this much used community space for the first time for about 50 years. John Burroughs regularly gets high test scores and wins academic distinction for their alma mater. The school nickname is the Indians, and the school colors are red and white.

Burroughs High School Address:
John Burroughs High School
1920 W. Clark Street
Burbank, CA 91506

Phone: (818) 558-4777