Investing in the American Gold Eagle Coin

One of the most popular investment coin purchases at the moment is the American Eagle gold coin. This coin has been minted by the United States government since 1986 for investment purchase, and it cannot be purchased just anywhere. While you can buy proof coins from the mint, you must find a qualified and certified dealer to purchase the bullion coin. You will note that the coin features Lady Liberty on the front and a flying eagle on the reverse. This will help you to identify the coin, but there is always the possibility of purchasing a fake if you do not seek out a certified dealer to make your purchase.

Gold - Gold Bullion Bars - Buy Gold Bar - Buying Gold BarsThe American Eagle gold coin is twenty-two parts pure gold, with one part each of silver and copper. The reason for the additional metal is to keep the coin looking new and to add strength. Gold is an exceptionally soft metal, and without the help of the stronger silver and copper, this coin would scratch and dent easily. You can rest assured that your coin will have exactly twenty-two carats of gold when you purchase, because every coin is guaranteed by the United States government for content, purity, and weight.

Because every coin is backed by the power of the United States government, you can be certain that buyers and collectors everywhere will be aware of the value of your coins. Should you ever decide to sell, you can expect the exact same price for every coin. This helps to trade and sell much more quickly than coins that are not backed by the government or bullion bars of gold and silver. For this reason, many investors that hope to move coins quickly to take advantage of rising gold prices. The guaranteed prices and the ease of sale make for an excellent investment purchase.

You cannot buy the American Eagle gold coin from the mint or any random coin dealer. There are several certified dealers you can trust for the purchase of these coins, but you should research and verify the dealer’s certifications before you make any purchases. There is a chance for fraud in the coin dealing world, and you could be a victim if you don’t take the time to fully investigate your chosen coin dealers. With the right dealer and the right coin choices, you could build a very lucrative collection in no time at all.