In Orange Solar Energy Gets Fed

When you are dining out or grabbing lunch on the go, are you thinking about green living? Probably not, because you are in a hurry to get back to work, get some errands done or get the dry cleaning picked up. All you care about is that your food tastes good and is delivered in a fairly quickly manner. In Orange, solar energy is a part of your lunch now. Or it will be, according to some restaurant owners in the area.

Going green is a process that is being widely adopted by businesses, but did you realize food related businesses make up a large percent of that population? Near Orange, solar energy is being used in restaurants throughout Orange County, including Zpizza and McDonalds.

The green practices they use include eco-friendly and recycled containers for food storage and holding. The biggest example is for large containers that hold food that is being prepared or stored for preparation in the future. They used to be made of Styrofoam or plastic and thrown out after each use. Now, these containers are made from recycled products and are reusable by simply washing in a dishwasher.

Near Orange, solar energy is being discussed as a way to power the kitchen appliances. It is a costly process to install solar panels, but with the current tax breaks and incentives offered by the government, it is getting easier for small businesses to attain solar energy methods. Besides the orange solar energy they are planning to use in bistros and diners, reflective materials are placed on the outside to deflect light back inside, making indoor lighting not necessary. They are also using water efficient fixtures in bathrooms, recycled materials to hand out food and eco-friendly methods to preparing food in the future.

Currently, there are nine food establishments near Orange, with solar energy in mind that have applied to become certified. There are companies that actually go through the workplace – in this case restaurants – and observe the practices, study the methods of eco-friendly operation and give a rating. Being certified as a Green Restaurant is becoming important to more and more people who dine out often. Even though it costs money for the owners to be certified as a Green Restaurant, they are finding it is drawing more people in. It pays the owners to be eco-friendly and use solar energy since it is a popular idea with patrons.