How Your Business Can Save Big on Cell Phone Accessories

Spending less is a fact of life in today’s business world. Companies must make smart purchasing decisions, because the bottom-line depends on it. Cellphones and their accessories are a huge expense for corporations. However, there is a corporate purchasing cellular phone accessories program that offers your business sizable savings.

For 12 years the folks at have been helping businesses just like yours find the right wireless solutions to keep your employees productive. They offer on average 30 to 40 percent savings when compared to the competition. Moreover, they support some of the largest corporate wireless programs in the United Sates and can help your employees stay productive, and save your business money too.

CAFL offers your business a powerful corporate purchasing cellular phone accessories plan called the Corporate Club. This unique club is worth researching because it offers many benefits for your business. You will enjoy rapid checkout, flexible spending options, product updates, order history and shipping tracking. Add volume discounts and a dedicated account rep into the mix you see why joining the Corporate Club is in your company’s best interest.

When you do business with you are already receiving a 30 to 40 percent savings. Add volume discounts to the equation is the icing on the cake. Furthermore, their product line is huge. You have the option of purchasing original OEM equipment, or you can save even more by going with top quality after-market items. If you have a special order request CAFL can easily fulfill your order.

If you have older wireless phones but are having a problem finding accessories, CAFL has got you covered. They stock a complete line of accessories for discontinued cell phones. This allows you to keep your working cell phones in service longer, eliminating the need for costly phone upgrades. This is how a corporate purchasing cellular phone accessories program benefits your business.

In addition, CAFL offers several shipping options ranging from UPS Ground to UPS Next Day Air. How fast you require your accessories is the determining factor. is indeed well known for their low prices, yet they also offer superior customer service. Their goal is to support your business by providing low cost wireless solutions that keep your wireless users productive. CAFL has helped many businesses with their wireless accessory needs. They can do the same for your business too.