How to Know When Your Business Needs Dedicated Ethernet

Today’s business landscape is shaped by technology, and dedicated Ethernet services are at the forefront. Everyone, from huge corporations to small local businesses, from customers all the way up the ladder to the CEO, relies on the Internet and networking to conduct their daily operations. But even the smallest of businesses outgrow their network and phone capabilities. Expanding a business or increasing its efficiency contributes to greater fiscal strength.

So, how do you know when it’s time to switch over to dedicated Ethernet services?

Slow Loading

  • Is your phone system noisy, complicated, or unreliable?
  • Are you waiting for WebPages to load?
  • Do you have to wait to transfer data in small pieces?
  • Are emails taking forever to be received and sent?
  • Are their limits on the number and size of files you can work with? 

All those issues mean that you have outgrown your current bandwidth. Bandwidths can fluctuate and will limit the efficiency of your operation, unless you have dedicated Ethernet services. A greater bandwidth means more information is moved at a much faster rate to keep your business running smoothly and in the moment. 


  • Is not having a secure connection keeping you from receiving online payments?
  • Can you not store sensitive date on your system?
  • Are you compromising the privacy and security of your customers?
  • Are you compromising the privacy and security of yourself and your employees? 

Dedicated Ethernets services provide you the security and safety to transfer sensitive data, send and receive payments, and store important documents. You can be confident that there will be no unauthorized access. Providing safety, security and privacy to your clients and staff is paramount and easily obtainable. Don’t wait until it is too late. 

Bottom Lines

  • Can you transfer funds, invoices, and other important data in a split second?
  • Are you or your employees waiting in lines at banks, post offices, and other institutions?
  • Are you wasting money on travel for meetings?
  • Are your employees struggling with dropped calls and delayed communication? 

Efficiency is the key to bigger bottom lines and smaller expense accounts. The money saved by implementing dedicated Ethernet services will also act as a seed. The monies saved by reducing expenses are complimented by the increase in productivity.  

Your customers depend on you and you depend on your employees. Why let your Internet service dictate your company’s reliability? Dedicated Ethernet services are the most reliable connections you can have. Transferring information and connecting you with customers at lighting fast speed is paramount for the success of your business. No longer will you be at the mercy of a slow, skinny bandwidth.