How to Backup VMware vSphere ESX

VMware vSphere ESX platform is the next generation VMware virtual machine. Arming your staff with this powerful virtualization tool is a smart move. Now that you have empowered your staff with the top virtual client on the market, shouldn’t you back-up the virtual data with a superior esxi backup? Adding the PHD Virtual Backup solution to the VMware vSphere ESX is a powerful and winning combination.

Your customers demand the best service you can give them. Your virtual computing environment helps achieve this goal. It is important to keep your VMware virtual machines up and running. However, disasters do happen. Are you adequately backing up your virtual machines? Do not depend on old antiquated backup software to properly backup the newest VMware technology. This is a calamity waiting to happen. On the other hand, install the robust PHD virtual backup software downloads and you will not need to worry about this unpleasantness. Lost customer data causes angry customers, lost production, and lost profits.

There are some who are not aware that you must backup your VMware applications. You are most likely backing up your computer, but this is not enough. Virtual machines can and do crash, just like real computers. However, the esxi backup provides your business with protection from disasters. For example, the TrueDedupe technology reduces storage needs and increases network traffic flow.

TrueRestore allows your staff to have confidence in all restored data. All data is checked during the restore process and if damaged files are found they are instantly fixed. There is no need for IT to intervene; it is all done seamlessly in the background. In addition, the included vSphere Client Plug-in empowers your staff to make backups and restore data from within the vSphere application. PHD virtual backup software downloads also allows multiple backups and restorations to be done simultaneously.

Finally, VMware vSphere ESX platform is the newest VMware virtual machine. Your customers demand that you serve them to the best of your ability, and this tool helps you accomplish this. Yet arming your staff with the most powerful virtual application is not enough. You must backup your precious customer data with the fastest, most reliable and cost effective esxi backup on the market. Failure to do this will eventually result in lost customer files. Lost client information causes angry customers, lost production, and lost selling time. This means it eats into your revenue. You can easily avoid this. Learn how PHD can transform your business.