How Call Centers Satisfy Clients and Boost Sales

Businesses more than ever must satisfy their existing client base to remain competitive. When you retain your long-term clients you are free to prospect for new business, which means more sales. The best way to accomplish this is to deploy call center software from Syntellect. Why? Because they are hands down the leader in call center software. In this economy, anything short of the best just doesn’t cut it.

It is imperative call center agents be armed with cutting edge technologies if you expect them to succeed. After all, if they don’t succeed, your business doesn’t either. For example, if your clients cannot get to the right rep to solve a problem on the first call you risk losing clients. At the very least you are losing sales.

How? If a customer has been on hold for a period of time and finally reaches an agent she is thrilled. However, if the rep cannot help her the caller is again placed on hold. It is very likely your client will hang up in frustration. This is called caller abandonment, and it is a serious problem. When the caller hangs up you lose the opportunity to satisfy her, which means you lose sales that never took place.

The good news is call centers can reduce abandoned calls simply by implementing some easy to use but powerful technologies. First, you must get the caller to the right rep fast. This is accomplished with intelligent call routing. When a caller calls your business they interact with the IVR. The caller enters commands, and based on this information the caller is instantly transferred to the rep that is trained to solve the problem.  Client satisfaction is increased, and agents make more sales.

Another powerful tool that all client centers simply must be using is call recorder. If you are not monitoring and recording your reps you really have no idea how they are interacting with clients. You could be frustrating clients and losing sales. On the other hand, when you deploy call recorder you will know exactly how reps are performing. This is your opportunity to get all agents on the same page. If agents need additional training, you can implement it fast.

Finally, call centers are the lifeblood of business. This is your opportunity to really stand above your competitors. Arming your client care center ensures you are satisfying your customers which translates into more sales.