Hosting Holiday Parties 101: The Guest Bathroom

A lot goes into planning a holiday party – from the menu to the entertainment, it's easy to see how preparing the guest bathroom could be at the back of your mind. But as host, don't let that task linger too much longer. Get started, and don't forget these 10 guest bathroom essentials.

1. Toilet Paper
Don't make your guests have to awkwardly shout for help finding the toilet paper. Even if the roll you have on now isn't empty, replace it with a new one. Keep plenty nearby in an open basket tucked to the side of the toilet or in an easily accessible drawer. Every time you use the bathroom at the party, do a quick inventory check and make sure there are still several rolls handy.

2. Medication
Guests don't want to burden the host, and they can be shy asking for heart burn relief – especially if you served spicy food on your menu. Keep several pain relievers on a shelf in the medicine cabinet, as well as antacids, Pepto Bismal and allergy medication for relieving any unexpected troubles your guests may face.

3. Mouth Wash
Next to the medication, keep a fresh bottle of mouth wash for the acutely aware. A container of floss will be a life saver after heavily seasoned meals, and a small bowl of mints in the corner on the counter is a nice touch.

4. Privacy
You don't want guests walking in on each other because of a faulty lock. A few days before the party, test out the locks and make sure they are secure. Sit and stand in different areas of the room and see what the new perspective offers you. You may find that from a certain angle you can see right into the neighbors bedroom. That means they can see into your bathroom. Install roller solar shades if this is the case and don't let a peeping Tom be a problem at your party.

5. Feminine Hygiene Products
After putting the toilet paper in the first place you think guests would look, think of the second place and put feminine hygiene products there. Sure, a female guest may carry a few back-ups in her purse, but you don't want to make her leave the bathroom in a walk of shame to retrieve them.

6. Usable Towels
Change out the raggedy towels, but don't replace them with frilly things that leave guests feeling guilty for using them – or wondering if they are for display only. Nice towels are appreciated, but too nice of towels makes guests have to choose between messing up your pretty towel display and using their pants to dry their hands.

7. Contact Solution
If you wear contacts, this is a no brainer. But if you don't, still keep a small bottle of contact solution on hand for guests who have a contact mishap. You don't want anyone to go home early (or walk around blind) because they needed some contact solution and you didn't have any.

8. Stain Remover
It's bound to happen to someone, and maybe even a few people. Spilling on your shirt and having to wear the stain all night isn't fun for anyone. Keep a Tide pen or bottle of club soda on hand so guests can quickly blot out a spill, then confidently rejoin the party.

9. Plunger
Nothing is more horrifying than plugging the guest bathroom – except asking the host for help to unclog it. Keep a good plunger behind the toilet for guests to use in case something horrible should happen.

10. Air Freshener
Fresh flowers, an aromatic candle, perfume – keep one or all in the bathroom to freshen the space, especially if you are hosting a heavily-populated party. Even a box of matches will prompt some guests to use the timeless trick of waving a lit match around the room to diffuse bathroom odors.