Help for Cortney

Cortney has struggled her entire life, never knowing how to walk, but always hoping. Despite being in several difficult family situations and dealing with constant dysfunction, I have always known her to be happy and positive. Many times, she's been refused help and therapy, and constantly hears of how low her chances of progression with her disability.
She has recently learned of a procedure that could extend her life expectancy, which isn't very much longer, a well as help her gain muscle mass. This is also rare for her disability.
She has been denied a way of transportation, due to dysfunctional family members, and no fault of her own.
For the entirety of our friendship, I've watched her stay positive in the face of every person who've tried to discourage her, and I know that couldn't have been as strong as she has had to be.
On top of all this, she has decided to try and raise money with her amazing singing abilities so that she can have the procedure.

Please, find a way to help my friend. Not many people have ever given her anything without expecting something in return, and she really needs someone to be as good to her as she deserves.