Having Some Fun in Bakersfield California

For those who are ready to have some fun and get out into the sun, book a few days away in a Bakersfield hotel. Bakersfield, California is a fantastic town with plenty to offer guests. Some of the hotels here provide every amenity you need to really enjoy the experience. You will be able experience the beautiful weather while also enjoying the cultural and historical importance of this city. For those who want to just get in a weekend break, the right Barstow hotel can make that happen.

What can you expect from Bakersfield? You could spend the entire day shopping and enjoying some of the most fabulous restaurants the city has to offer. While that may be enough fun for some, for those who want something a bit more in depth, it pays to know where the best attractions are. The good news is that this city has plenty to offer.

You can head to one of the sporting events taking place here. You could also head out onto one of the high quality golf courses set in the beautiful California sun. For those who want to learn something, there are a few museums worth visiting. The Bakersfield Museum of Art is one of the best. Buena Vista Museum of Natural History and the California Living Museum, which is the Bakersfield Zoo, are also must see locations. You will get up close and personal with history as well as animals in various exhibits.

There are always things happening in this area. The Bakersfield Convention and Visitors Bureau is the place to go when you want to find out who is playing in the city or when you want a great list of festivals and attractions in the city.

Plan to spend a weekend or longer in the city exploring every facet of it. You will find some great architecture present here as well as plenty of outstanding attractions. Bakersfield is a quaint area that has plenty to offer those who are visiting for the first time or coming back time and time again. Have some fun with friends and take in the city's fun attractions. It is worth a drive.

If you want to go a bit further inland, check out Blythe, California.  Blythe is located along the border with Arizona and shares the Colorado River as its boundary.  It’s a very popular area for river recreation and many snowbirds call Blythe home for the winter months.  Hotels in Blythe fill up fast in the summer months, so plan well in advance.