I am a First Class Petty Officer stationed on the USS Abraham Lincoln. We are half way through a six month deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Being deployed at any time of the year is hard, with seperations from family and friends. However, deployments during the holidays is a whole other animal. We, as service members, will always respond to the call of duty, but rarely do we see or much less feel the thanks from the american citizens. We hear stories of gratitude and we may catch a commercial on TV from time to time thanking us but, a personal note of hand made gift isn't usually what we get. Today I received a care package from "Operation Gratitude". In this care pacakage was a hand made beenie from Joslyn Adult Center Knitting and Crochet Group. There were many little gifts and had written statements in the box and i really do appreciate every one of them. But the beenie I appreciate most because I know it was made by the hand of a person who saw many wars before me and truely put her heart into her work to show her gratitude for what I do. I also love it becasue I'm bald and wear beenies all the time to keep my head warm. Thanks to the Women of Joslyn Adult Center Knitting and Crochet Group for their time and careing heart.