Granite Logic Ltd specialise in innovative granite and marble products

Granite Logic Ltd specialise in innovative granite and marble products.

If it's the unmatched beauty of natural marble and granite you're looking for, or the ultra-modern look of quartz, you needn't look any further than Granite Logic.

We at Granite Logic pride ourselves on our attention to detail and offer a full service from design advice and templating, through to manufacturing and installation - all carried out by our experienced stone masons, or if you’d rather, we can simply deliver the stone to your door.

Granite Logic Ltd specialise in innovative granite and marble products. The service we provide our customers shows a logical approach to buying granite and marble at home and commercial spaces. We can offer a full design service or produce individual pieces to suit each project.

As well as being stunning in looks, Granite is one of the easiest surfaces to clean; it is heat resistant and almost un-scratchable, making it one of the best choices for both looks and durability. Marble flooring is a beautiful and elegant flooring option. Its vast array of beautiful colours and patterns, mean marble can be suited to fit any design, or colour scheme perfectly.

The inherent durability of our granite and marble cannot be understated. We import Marble & Granite from all parts of the world and are continuously searching for new and exotic materials. The granite and marble we offer can now be used as a feature on walls of interiors such as kitchens and bathrooms, as a substitute for tiles in wet areas.

So whatever you have in mind - bold and bright, sleek and subdued, or classic elegance, with over 15 years of experience with granite, marble and quartz when it comes to stone, Granite Logic have the product range, innovation and imagination to make it happen.

So take the logical approach and visit our website at; for a free quote and for a limited time only, a 20% discount. You will be surprised at how affordable our granite and marble is.