Gold Business for Smarties

Gold prices are on an all time high these days without any sign of dropping beyond basic market fluctuation.  With the way the economy is today, for sure investors are more conservative about where to place investment dollars, but a great idea beyond just investing is perhaps staring your own business.  Gold is a great physical asset that will forever store it's value.  Gold also will always be internationally traded for quick liquidation into cash. 

That said, starting a small gold selling business is another way to capitalize on a very marketable asset.  If gold prices only continue to leap, then there's hardly a risk of losing money in the future. Even you were to come across a money inheritance or have perhaps saved up/came across a decent amount of money you would like to invest for maximum profit potentional, gold will one day pay off if not right away.  In other words, even if you purchased lots of gold within a small business with intention of selling right away, you're purchased gold will always sell in the future, if not immediately. Gold investment is financial security. 

A great way to start your business is thinking small.  Gold coins are pockets of treasure with there being so many sizes and authenticities to chose from, it need not break your check book.  Buying one collectable coin, more common in the market and made recently still holds value based on the amount of gold that said coin contains.  It's a starting value that will only increase in time.

From there, perhaps take that more common coin and sell it for a profit toward a new investor who perhaps has the same start up idea.  You then take that profit, purchase perhaps a less common coin, let that accumulate over a short time and sell that and so on and so forth.  With such a debtor and credit based nation, spending money on a gold coin collectible is only buying away from the credit system that gave gold its current value to begin with.  From there you earn a real savings for the future.  

That said, there are not that many trusted gold dealers. given the current market price is well over $1,600 per ounce these days many are trying to capitalize on a gold commodity.  Therefore, while gold is still a great investment, it comes with great risk if not done wisely.  As a new investor, take time to consider the source of your physical gold purchase, check creditionals, check customer reviews as well as making sure your physical gold has a certificate of authenticy.

Finally, once you have selected your small gold investment base, it's slowly selling, slowly buying and slowly building your investment and thus your business.  It's not fail proof and it shouldn't be expected to be an instant career switch, but as a side business with proper research along with the help of trusted gold dealers, a gold business will be a successful business, especially for the future.