Giving an American Silver Eagle as a Gift

When you are looking for a unique gift for a graduate or to give a grandchild as a collectible that can also teach the value of investing, coins have long been excellent options.  Precious metals are solid investments that have a long history of holding value and increasing in value along with the rate of inflation or slightly above it.  When it comes to investing, this can teach a great lesson about returns and about security.  But in light of the recent boom in the precious metals market, there may never have been a better time to give coins such as the American Silver Eagle.

The American Silver Eagle is a favorite among coin collectors and investors alike, and these coins are among the most highly sought after silver bullion coins in production.  Guaranteed by the US Mint for content, purity, and weight, they offer a full troy ounce of pure silver bullion.  The metal in these coins is investment grade and is ideal for people looking to make their start in investing as well as ideal for a gift to help teach the value of investing to younger people.

Today’s young adults are experiencing levels of debt and credit trouble that were practically unheard of for previous generations.  The concepts of money, credit, and spending have been greatly skewed, and teens enter into the adult world unprepared for all that financial recklessness can bring.  Teaching valuable financial lessons early is critical, and the American Silver Eagle can be an excellent tool to help you do so.  With a coin that will be beautiful and collectible enough that your recipient will want to hold onto it for years and a history of excellent value increases, these coins are simply great for showing the potential an investment can offer.

Of course, if current predictions about the silver market are correct, an American Silver Eagle may be a better gift than you think.  Many believe that within a few years the price of silver will rival the price of gold.  If this turns out to be true, the coin you give as a gift today may well be enough to give your recipient an excellent head start when they reach adulthood.  Precious metals are certainly performing better than anyone could have ever predicted, and with so many taking interest in these metals as primary investments, a coin could indeed be a great introduction to investing for someone special in your life.