Flappers Comedy Club and Restaurant

Need a break?  A good laugh?  Head on over to Flappers Comedy Club and Restaurant! Born in September of 2008, Flappers Comedy LLC, was created to provide laughs, food and workshops to those who love anything to do with comedy.

Owned and operated by the talented Barbara Holliday and Dave Reinitz, Flappers Comedy Club LLC puts on live comedy events, managing and booking talented comedians and fantastic shows.  Hollywood Ha Ha Fest Inc. merged with Flappers Comedy LLC in 2010.  As a “Franchisable” Comedy Club Burbank, this unique club has a restaurant and bar that rivals the world largest comedy club chain, “The Improv.”     

Flapper’s Comedy Club strives to give the best experience possible to their guests.  Working with an array of talent including, Paul Rodriguez, Darren Carter, Gabriel Iglesias, Jeff Garcia, Edwin San Juan, Vanessa Graddick and Christopher Titus, it’s clear as to why this company is flourishing.  They even have shows that feature Harland Williams and Andy Dick coming soon!

With a full service restaurant and bar located inside, Flappers Comedy Club is happy to invite you to stay all night long!  Get your tickets conveniently online and then make a dinner reservation in the Main Room.  Grab your favorite seats and stay all night because all of their seats in this room are great to see the show!  After the show, step on over to the bar for a few cocktails and end your perfect night with one of their signature drinks.

Whether you’re celebrating an engagement, a promotion, a divorce, whatever, Flappers Comedy Club and Restaurant is the perfect place for you!  They are even offering a very “flappy birthday” to anyone over 18!  With their Flappy Birthday Promotion you may invite five of your friends and get in FOR FREE to any of their shows during the month of your birthday!  Just give them a call or email them to let them know when your special day is.  Now that is an awesome way to celebrate your birthday.

Visit http://www.comedycasting.com today to get your fill of laughs tonight!

Call (818) 845-9721 for more information.

102 East Magnolia
Burbank CA  91502