Fix a Company's Reputation in 5 Easy Steps

Prevention is something not enough companies think of in managing their reputations. Getting used to addressing the public and how they react as a group or individually will help when there’s a real problem happening.

Your company's reputation today exists online and still in the traditional media. You can try and fix it on your own, or you can hire one of the many ad agencies in Phoenix.

By taking matters in your own hands, it’s likely you can clean up the company's online reputation on smaller issues – a bad review, an ex-employee saying bad things about you – But when more serious things happen, or you’re lost on how to react finding an ad agency in Phoenix can help you quickly set your focus back on what’s needed to help your business succeed.

Know What They’re Saying
Have you looked up your company online lately? The most important search engines are Google and Bing. Use those search engines to seek out what your company's identity looks like online. If you cannot find any negative information, you're doing fine and no damage control is needed. When there is negativity, you can get a sense of how strong and the nature of customer’s displeasure with you. But, if you find bad reviews it might be time to take things a step further. Any negative information, even false information, is bad for a company. People tend to believe what they read no matter what the source is. 

Buy, Build, and Defend
If you can afford it, buy up all of the associated domain names similar to or the same as your own. This helps keep down the possibility of other companies using your name and giving your company a bad reputation if they mess up. Buy every, .com, .org, and .us that you can. You can redirect each domain to your main website for free.

Social Media Can Save You (or sink you)
Get active on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. Don't spam the people following you or that “like” your page with sales pitches, but be a part of the conversations. Don't respond with fiery attitudes to negative comments. Always be polite and if you are unable to handle the social media aspect, hire someone to do it for you. You can find people to administer your profiles working at one of the top ad agencies of Phoenix. 

Axe The Bad 
Don't go out of your way to find the people posting negative reviews and stalk their social network profiles. That's bad business, not to mention creepy. What you can do is create positive content on your own site, positive Yelp! reviews, and ask customers if they would be willing to share their positive experiences online. Some companies compensate customers or writers for this - but it is looked down on as sketchy business. Just allow the good content to grow and watch as the bad fades away. You can even build a blog offering tips to your customer and where you can offer competitions and other things your customers will enjoy.

Hire Help
If you are still having trouble or do not have the time to do a good reputation clean-up, the final step is to hire someone to do it for you. This isn't a cop out, good ad agencies understand exactly what it takes to create or manage an online identity. Your brand is important and you should take every step to ensure it remains useful.