Five Tips for Paintball Success

Five Tips for Paintball Success

The game of paintball is a rapidly growing sport and no wonder, considering the insane fun you can have among friends and colleagues. For those new to the field, we have the top five tips that will help you relax, have fun and not get clobbered out there.

1. Don’t fall in love.

No, we’re not saying you can’t fall head over heels for that foxy new female paint player. Rather, don’t fall in love with a “certain spot” on the field and get stuck in that area. In order to win the game, you really have to move around. Plain and simple, a moving target is harder to hit then a stationary one. Plus, you add the element of surprise when you can round a corner and attack, rather than waiting for them to come to you. Location is also important and finding higher ground with a view certainly can give you a lead. However, being stuck to a spot on the field and never moving (even if it does work half of the time) will ultimately make the game of paintball stale in no time.

2. Ready…shoot…miss.

You cannot forget the important step of aiming in this process. Seeing a target “first” will give you the upper hand…but it may be so exciting that all you want to do is start pumping that trigger. If you don’t take that extra second to aim before firing off those first shots, then you have not only given away your position and wasted precious paint, but you have also given your enemy time to flee to a safer spot. Worse yet, he could easily aim and fire back at you!

3. The silent treatment.

You are pinned down, hiding in your bunker and dodging paint. Right now, the worst thing to do in the paintball game is to be silent. If you are on a team, communication is key. If your position is already known, then shouting out the enemy’s position will expedite backup. Your backup may know what to do to help you!

4. Kiss on the field.

Keep your lips to yourself, Romeo. We mean K.I.S.S., as in “keep it simple, stupid”. Fancy moves and awesome movie reenactments will only trip you up, if you’re still a novice. You could blow a perfectly good shot while goofing off, or worse yet, get hit.

5. Practice does make perfect.

The more practice you get in on your own time (even if it is just practice in switching guns between hands or shooting at targets in your backyard), the better you will be on the field.

Follow these simple tips and you will become a better paintball player in active competition!