Five Benefits of a Career in Nursing

Out of thousands of options to choose from as a career you are considering nursing.

Is it for you? Will it be a career that is in demand? What will a career in nursing offer me?
These are questions you may be asking yourself. Consider these five benefits of a career
in nursing when you are thinking about LVN programs in California.

1. There will be a great demand for nurses in the coming years. According to the U.S
Department of Labor, the need for nurses will number in the thousands by the year 2020.
Jobs and careers will be plentiful in almost every area of expertise.

2. You will obtain a large variety of skills that can be applied to a variety of nursing
positions. These include skills such as leadership, critical thinking, and communication.
In addition, you will learn valuable expertise in dedicated skills. For example, pharmacology
Sciences, nutrition and community health are among the many you will learn to provide
you with the background employers will want.

3. Another of the five benefits of a career in nursing is simply that you will be able to work almost
anywhere you want to. Enjoy a career as a surgical nurse or provide care in a long-term health facility.
If your interest lies more in educational aspects a career in being a school nurse could be just right for                  
you. Possibilities are beyond most careers because almost every area within the country has a health                      
care organization  that needs nurses.

4. You will be paid very well. Because of the common rule of supply and demand,
and the nursing shortage even RNS fresh out of school can possibly make up to $60,000 a year. LPNs
are not far behind. Some hospitals also pay a “sign on “bonus in addition to your regular 
paycheck if you agree to work at their hospital for a year without leaving.

5. You provide a much needed service and the benefit of knowing that you have offered comfort
to people who are sometimes experiencing the worst in life. Nurses are generally people
who have a lot of compassion for others so this is one of the most important of the five benefits of
a career in nursing for some considering a nursing career.